Kaohsiung Corporation

Smart Green Building Dept.

Residential/ business building/factory indoor air quality improvement system, smart home management system, lighting energy-saving design

RST offers business/residential buildings water and electricity related products…etc. for designer, architects. We also offer energy saving related products, such as airtight air quality improvement plans and smart home management systems.

Products :
DC Ventilation Fan Series : saves power, operates quietly, blows strongly, blocks odor
SUNON : DC Ventilation Fan、LED Lighting Ventilation Fan、DC Ventilation Fan / Filter
Mitsubishi: 5-in-1 Bathroom Ventilating Heater Fan
Heat Recovery Ventilator/Duct Ventilators collection : Bring in outdoor fresh air & filter PM2.5, adjust indoor temperature and humidity
Wall-mounted Type - SUNON: ECO DC Brushless Ventilation Fan
Duct-connected Type - Procozy: Professional Humidity Control and Air Purifying System
LED Lighting Collection : Maid in Taiwan, guaranteed quality
4 feet/2 feet T8 light tube
2 feet T5 light tube
Panel Light
Outdoor lighting - deck light
recessed light
12W omnidirectional LED Bulb
Professional sales agent for international brands
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