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Commercial refrigeration equipment EC fan
SUNON high-efficiency and energy-saving EC fans apply the DC fan motor and speed control function directly to the AC power input environment. EC high-efficiency energy-saving motors can save more than 80% of electricity than ordinary AC motors, and can provide IP21, IP56, IP68 and ATEX explosion-proof protection according to customer needs to ensure long-term use and safety of the product.

▪IP68 dustproof and waterproof
Jianzhun completely covers the entire motor with the patented motor protection technology, which can effectively protect the motor from dust, water and other substances.

▪ATEX explosion-proof certification
The chlorofluorocarbons in the HCFC series refrigerants used in modern refrigeration equipment are gradually banned or reduced by various countries because they will destroy the ozone layer. More and more refrigerated equipment has changed to use fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigerants. However, since most environmentally friendly refrigerants are hydrocarbon halides, although they are stable at room temperature and pressure and are not easy to catch fire, they still have the danger of explosion under different environmental conditions. Therefore, the fan is used in such a potentially risky environment, and explosion-proof safety is very important. The EC fan of Jianzhun commercial refrigeration equipment has obtained the EU ATEX explosion-proof certification, which can meet the safety of commercial refrigeration equipment using environmentally friendly refrigerants.

▪Application field
Refrigerator, freezer, cold storage, wine cabinet equipment.

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